Friday, August 22, 2008

Discovered in Blogosphere.....

New discoveries in Blogosphere. Blogs I have become quite a big fan of.

Here's a girl who writes quite like RK.Narayan. The language, humour, and the narration. Typical Indian writing as many of us know it; Completely Desi with a South Indian flavour. She happens to be a journalist based out of Chennai. No idea what her real name is. She calls herself Asal Tamil Penn (ATP - Typical Tamil Girl) on her blog. Her real-life stories are guaranteed to make you laugh and chuckle......and sometimes guffaw.

Check out her latest post. Chuckle! :-) (BUT....there are a few sprinklings of Tamil words here and there.
So, if you don't understand Tamil, you may not be able to savor her posts in the sense that they are intended to be. Try some and decide for yourself)

Here's another girl who has a wonderful way with words. She is undoubtedly a talented and intense writer.

Check out this little but profound post of hers. I love it and it is on the lines of a poem that always has a huge impact on me - Kipling's IF. And check this post too. And this one as well.... :-)


*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

This is quite a lovely surprise!Nice to know you liked my work,and delved so deep into the archives.Thank you so much :)

Nimmy said...

:-) My pleasure!! Keep writing!!