Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Whew! I just wound up a stressful discussion with someone who sounded like a born pessimist and found something wrong with almost everything we are attempting to do! To top it, he even sounded annoyingly snobbish! :-X Where do they make such people? Can't the Pessimist Factory be shut down, please? Or be converted into an Optimists Shop? Don't they realize that they drain other people's energy too?

It's been ages since I ranted on my blog........ages, really! I don't really like ranting and complaining on my blog....(Should have named it "Ranting Inside the Blog" if that were the case! Poor joke, I know!...Sigh....but, hey, I am just desperately trying to bring some relief to myself after all that unnecessary stress). Anyways, even if I end up ranting occasionally, I'd like to see the silver lining around the cloud (I have to.....else what's the point in complaining about pessimists? ;-)) .

If you're worried things will not change, the world will not change, people will not change etc....remember, that is not a reason why you should stop experimenting or trying to change things. And changing things, like many wise people tell us, is about changing yourself. When you believe in something, go for it! You cannot change people with a magician's stick, but you can lead by example....and inspire at least a few.

The silver lining that I'd like to point out to myself is this. (Soliloquy! Err...shall we call this blogiloquy?) It's when you have no one saying anything to you that you have to be worried....for it is a sign of zero progress. So, when you find people around you trying to "act or sound smart"/pull you down/object etc, be happy. It means you're on your way to learning something and hopefully achieving something as well. Happy? Happy! Now...scream with me...1,2,3....."I am an optimist!"


*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

I am all ready to scream with you! :)

Nimmy said...

:-) Haaa haaa...LoL....! yeah, Sameera! Grab that glass of orange juice before you start!! :)

Shivani said...

I am an optimist!! :D

Anjali said...



Nimmy I felt so good doing this. My energies are drained by something else too. I simply needed this.

Hemanth Potluri said...

i to am optimist lol...nice explainin..


Nimmy said...

Shivani! :-) That's the way to go! Yeah! Thanks for joining the chorus!! :-)

Angeli....I am so glad that little bit of screaming helped you pump some energy into yourself! :-) Maybe, I should rant and scream more often on my blog now?! ;-) Haahhaa

Hemanth - Welcome here! :-) And thanks so much for joining the chorus!! We could do with a lot of such voices:-)

Voyager said...


Nimmy said...

Hmmm....You are...I know....else why would you be so silent for such a long time?? ;-)