Friday, August 29, 2008

The Power of PPTs

Thinking about Power Point Presentations this morning. I know of people who love it more than you could possibly imagine and others who abhor them so much that they might even walk off from discussions in which people make use of them.

I, personally, have enjoyed occasions when I was able to get creative with PPTs. (Excuse me.....if you belong to the second school of thought). For me, it was the closest I could possibly come to making an official movie of sorts, however crude it happened to be. The joy of using creative and powerful themes, colours, images, charts, messages, metaphors, one-liners, take-aways etc was always there for me. I honestly think PPTs can be very interesting provided you let your creative juices flow.

And I am happy to see a clear trend in that direction. While people used to stick to plain text and bullet points earlier, they have begun to mostly experiment with backgrounds, themes, images, short and meaningful phrases, humorous one-liners and the like. But here's what it implies to me from the perspective of KM. While the old way of making PPTs served the purpose of asynchronous knowlege sharing to a reasonable extent (with notes, links and comments), the current style of PPTs, arguably, are best shared face to face. This does not mean that they cannot be shared offline. All it means is that it will not suffice to let readers run through just the need to capture the audio bites - the voice over - as well. Coming down to brass tacks, it simply means that we need truly enormous and efficient storage and retrieval infrastructure (and mechanisms).

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