Friday, August 01, 2008

KM - Checklist

I like this post from Christian Young. Spot on. Agree with almost everything prescribed. This is a bit shameless, but, being a KMer, I myself ought to have written something like this a few years ago. Having said that, I don't want to be too hard on myself. Because, I did write a paper on my KM experiences and learnings after 2 years of fundamental but quite enlightening KM. In retrospect though, I think I should have written another paper on the same theme after putting in another 2-3 years. Rather, I found myself writing papers on potential KM concepts and concise frameworks for its implementation.

Anyway, had I made the effort to write another paper on my KM experiences and learnings, I am inclined to think that it would have been very similar to CY's post. Except a few significant differences, perhaps. I would have focused more on identifying and studying knowledge-intensive processes and then worked on effective creation/sharing/capture of knowledge as a by-product. And, I don't think I would equate managing KM to managing a product. I'd rather equate it to managing people and the environment. And, btw, managing is not a 'bad' word here. ;-) Managing = Understanding, Enabling, Providing, Supporting, Motivating get the drift?


Carnal Zen said...

Have you read Presence? It was the beginning of a move toward stewardship and collaborative leadership & a VERY worthwhile read

Nimmy said...

No CZ! :-( Peter Senge is a, shame on me. But, well, better late than never!! Now that you've made me aware of it...I shall pick it up during my next visit to the Book Shop!! :)
Have a great Weekend! :)