Thursday, August 07, 2008

Gift of Thought

Aaahhh. August 4th was my 'happy birthday'. So what? I did not honestly plan to announce my birthday on this blog though I did tweet about it at the end of the day. (A good example of something that is tweet material but not blog material). But there's something that makes me blog about it now. If there's something I think I don't have to be humble about, then it's probably the friends I have. There is a hidden sense of pride when one shows off one's friends, I guess. But I'd like to ignore that thought for now. ;-) So, here's the story...!

A close friend gifts a fantastic book. I read the book. I love it. So, I blog about it. (here's the first post) The author of the book stumbles upon the post. (Thanks to Google) He contacts me. (Long live the Internet and Web 2.0). I am, of course, overwhelmed by the down-to-earth attitude of such a thought-leader! Email exchanges happen on a regular basis. He even keeps an eye on my blog and sends me thought-provoking messages whenever he feels like saying something in response to my musings. After some months, to my utter joy, I discover that he himself has started to leverage on blogging to spread his brilliant thoughts and perspectives (in short installments, outside of the book). And, well, here's what I am coming to........this year, he writes a beautiful post on the theme of unity in diversity on the occasion of my birthday and dedicates (gasp!) it to me!

What a thoughtful gift (in more than one sense of the word)! I am, needless to say, touched! And I am writing this post because I want to spread the message further. Not because a great human being like Zeph has dedicated such a nice post to me (yippee...that's for my own celebration!!) but because the message(s) it contains is meant to be spread. :-)


Maddy said...

Many Many Many Happy returns of the day, though a bit late!!

Shivani said...

Hi nimmy,
Stumbled upon your blog and read some of your posts. Wonderfully composed blog! Keep writing! My cheers!:)

Nimmy said...

Maddy! Thanks a lot!! :-)

Shivani, Thank you...! It feels good to read such comments! Hope I continue engaging hearts and minds through my blog....coz I love it! :-)

Prashant Sree said...

Hey nimmy,

Wish you a Happy Belated Birthday !!

I didnt know of your bday and hence successfully missed it.,.

Anyhow, Thanks for being a well wisher and knowledge spreader.

May good fortune smile on you in all ways :)

Carnal Zen said...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! As you know I scream BIRTHDAY from the rooftops - everyone deserves the right to be celebrated just for being born. It's too bad every other day gets less recognition. Today - I celebrate you, your birth and your life. Namaste Nimmy!

Nimmy said...

Thank you for the lovely wishes, Prashant! I hope I continue to lend a hand and be a part of your endeavours :-)

Hey CZ! LoL!! :-D....There are times when I've done that too...! Don't know whether this is good or bad, but of late, there seems to be no birthday excitement as such! I guess it depends on whether I do something different or just stick to the routine stuff...!! But, thanks a bunch for the wonderful wishes...You make me feel so good! God bless. A Big Namaste to you!! :-)

Voyager said...

Happy Belated Birthday Nims. I know I can be killed for missing out on wishing you. Sorry I am 7 days late!

Nimmy said...

Deeps!! ooh! I am glad you understand the risks involved! ;) But, seriously speaking, I hope everything's fine with you...coz I sent you a few messages and mails and tried calling you as well in the last 2 weeks but just couldn't catch hold of ya. Take care, buddy! Tell me you're doing great. :)

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Belated B'Day Wishes! :)

Nimmy said...

Thanks a bunch, Sameera! :-))