Friday, March 02, 2007

Competition in the world of Collaboration

Yessssssssssss! Another step forward. I am not bad at predicting the obvious. Am I? ;)

One year from now or even earlier than that – Google shall sport a nice bouquet of KM tools that will make the rest tremble.

Meanwhile, looks like the entire corporate world – cutting out the exaggeration….all the big names - is scrambling to join the world of collaboration, knowledge management and web 2.0 techniques. Who’s going to come out on top is anybody’s guess.


vinod said...

@ Google updates, KM ad in U TUBE, IGNORANCE – Good Info and U r 2nd to none in converting ur THOUGHTS to WORDS. Will catch up :)

In TAMIL there is saying for Ignorance - KATRATHU KADUGALAVU KALLATHU ULAGALAVU [what u learrnt is small, What U havern't is World big, bad translation :( ].

@ Feeling à Knowledge , Why are u writing & collectin info abt KM – it might be for various reason BUT main reason u feel GOOD this is wat Audre meant - Jus my interpretation

U r lexicon of KM !!! Well I go to amputate myself from other things inorder to catch your post - so many/week, it amazes me sometimes how enthusiastic u r, even wen no one is commenting (ppl sometimes go behind fame & not the content of the blogging) Well reasons 4 tat - ur Marketing skills & Ignorance of others....BUT u can improve by commenting on others' blog too - jus my 5 cents.
R u a person who keeps her words, stil now I feel otherwise for some reasons...u sud hav guessed by now wat I mean .

Nimmy said...

Vinod, :D
Thanks a ton for spending so much of your time on my blog and commenting on my posts. :) I REALLY appreciate that and 'am thrilled that you're doing so.

And I like your explanation for Audre's quote. Sounds right! :)

And...about my enthusiasm - ha ha - you got it, I am not concerned too much about lack of comments. Because I love KM, I love writing, I love learning and one of the best ways to learn is to think and write about what you've read/experienced...And well, just wait for a few days, and I'll be posting something that'll tell you exactly why I'd continue blogging irrespective of whether there are comments or not! :D But all said and done, the comments help me learn more. So, there are times when I shall consciously market this blog. It's not about not knowing how to market but the lack of motivation to market and the desire to rather let the blog speak for itself and be spread through word of mouth. I have got used to being patient in life. I love being genuine at the cost of fame etc. That's one of the reasons why I've removed the hit counter on the blog.

And finally, someone who's genuinely learned from my blog is bound to comment. I trust that kind of feedback to come automatically... :)