Friday, March 16, 2007

RUN....for it's a RANt...!

Be warned that this is a pure rant, disguised…..err…rather….struggling to evolve into….a thoughtful post. :D

It is amazing how nature has something to cheer you up whenever you’re disturbed or upset; but only if you look for it and have faith in its capacity to brighten your day. After having had a disturbing day of revelations related to the behaviour and pretense of people around me, I found myself hoping for some time away from what seemed to be a ruthless (Dilbert-like) world and nature presented just the remedy I needed. On the way back home this evening, I spotted a large flock of egrets (probably 60 odd birds! :)) flying back home after, hopefully, a much better day than what I went through. The sight was so awesome that I found myself smiling at the part of the sky just vacated by those beautiful birds. Thank God for these treasures that nature certainly has an abundance of. And, I realize that I must thank God for giving me the quality of being able to find quick solace in nature just as quickly as I might get disturbed by things that I am going to talk/rant about now.

I am going to get honest and ask you something if you happen to be a blogger who doesn’t crib about people in any of your posts whatsoever. How in the world do you do it? When I started blogging 3 odd years ago, 1-2% of my posts probably dwelt on people who made life seem difficult. And then, I started going through this spiritual experience where I was ready to forget and forgive or at least ignore people who loved to get on my nerves. I slowly got into the habit of not talking about people who angered me - on my blog - because they ceased to play a dominant role in real life as well. I have just begun to feel a bit proud about it as it gives me a feeling that it is a sign of my improving emotional intelligence. I hope to continue this principle of not dwelling upon people problems, for why in the world should I get upset by people who have qualities I am not able to appreciate (to say the least) when I have the capacity to choose to ignore them or learn to deal with them in other ways. And, why in the name of God should my blog-readers be subjected to such unproductive gibberish? But this post, I am afraid, has broken my record and will be an aberration. This is why. A few days ago, a person who pretends to be a well-wisher provoked me – on a very irrational basis - by saying things that were surely intended to make me skeptical about my strengths. Now, the tone of this post has got nothing to do with my ego. It is just that I don’t expect this kind of behaviour from well-wishers. No one would. I have enough native intelligence to understand when something is meant to hurt me and cause me harm as compared to something that is a reflection of the truth and intended to help me improve.

I feel no compulsion to talk about passing strangers who might annoy me because I am not likely to have any expectations from them and moreover I will have to tolerate them only for a while. On the other hand, I’d love to blog about people who are genuine and nice to work with because it feels nice to do so. And I feel no compulsion to talk about people who generally don’t mean well because once I get to ‘know’ them, I stop expecting anything good from them and find it not so difficult to ignore them completely. The problem lies with the ones who pretend to be good and end up blowing hot and cold because of inherent contradictions…and in the process make your expectations do a tidal wave. These are the people who can kill one’s peace of mind. People who blow hot and cold because they are not exactly what they are pretending to be! And what’s more, when they blow hot, it is camouflaged to appear like something cold! They confuse me completely for I want to give them the benefit of doubt but just when I think I did the right thing, they are back to square one – blowing hot in a camouflaged manner and giving me the feeling that they deserve less attention than even the obviously ‘bad’ ones.

On a different note, forgiving, as I understand it now, is almost selfish. And such behaviour, I hope, forces me to always be selfish! :D

Anyways, I am not going to want to put up any more posts revolving around people who attempt to make life miserable for others in a camouflaged manner. I am going to find it difficult to extend my love to such people but neither do I want to fill my heart with hatred for them…for my own good. So, I want to use this opportunity to know the secret of bloggers who don’t waste their energy, intelligence, time, and their readers’ time posting such things. Is it that you…

1. …have some sort of a magic people filter and manage to completely focus on ideas and other such things and this helps you behave like as if you are all alone in this world

2. …are emotionally intelligent enough to take it in your stride, deal with it and jump over it in a jiffy?

3. …are smart\lucky enough to ignore\avoid such people?

4. …have some other means to vent your anger? ;)

5. …consciously make an effort to not post anything about such people even though you want to vent it out and have succeeded, unlike me?

6. …are lucky enough to have around you, people who are great or at least tolerable in case they aren’t actually great as far as you are concerned?

Time to face the harsh reality and the sooner I face it, the better. Sigh. Tell me why and how you manage to not talk about people problems; not even once?

PS: Scott Adams (the ‘Dilbert’ genius), for example, talks about annoying people most of the time and in the most hilarious of ways - in his hugely popular style! And it’s okay as long as it is meant to make people laugh their heads off while at the same time not pointing fingers at someone in particular or at least without hurting the subject – I know this is a huge challenge - if there is someone in particular being referred to. But, well, neither do I have such talent nor do I have intentions of talking about annoying people in my life because that’s the way I want myself to be. :)

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