Thursday, November 09, 2006

Google's KM Product?

Earlier, I'd wondered about Google's KM ambitions and watched Google get into desktop search, enterprise search, blogging, personal pages, google talk etc. Now, I hear that Google has acquired JotSpot - a Wiki product company. Where to next? :)

Mark my word. Down the line, it may be more than apt for Google to bundle a lot of these smaller products they have/are working on/planning to acquire into one cool KM product! And then, the rest of the KM product companies may have sleepless nights....the power of a brand can never be under-estimated!


searchquant said...

What's KM?

Nimmy said...

Wow! You asked a simple yet 'unpopular' question! :D Unpopular because there is no world-wide definition of the subject and many people find it difficult to explain because it is an abstract topic....anyways, try this to start with :)-

And, if it interests you, there are many more posts/links on my blog on the topic....