Saturday, March 31, 2007

To reuse or not to reuse?

I have some thoughts on when not to focus on reuse. What?

- When it is a task that obviously lends itself to multiple perspectives and creative approaches
- When it is a situation that has been encountered so many times and has been handled in the same manner time and again that it now begs for some fresh thinking
- When the situation is quite unique and there is a glaring need to forget everything that exists without doing which there is a danger of losing the specific requirements of the situation
- When you need to fuel your passion for the job, one of the best ways is to do it your way and then compare notes with existing ideas – but this is practical only when there is enough time allocated for the job
- Finally, reuse makes greatest sense when what is reused is a tool rather than the core work itself, when one is working on an area where a plethora of ideas have been tried out and some of those proven to be the best, when one is running out of time and there is a looming deadline, and when for some reason new ideas are just not forthcoming…..

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