Monday, March 05, 2007

Media Sources - Tagged!

I’ve been tagged by a Blog Meme that I earlier came across on a few blogs I visit and didn’t actually imagine that this meme would hop on to my blog….at least, not so soon…given my not-so-strong blog network. Patrick has passed it on to me (thanks to my recent comments on his blog? :-)) and here’s my stab at it.

The meme is about media sources. Like Dave Snowden
indicates, most of these memes are ego-strutting opportunities. So, err, please bear with me and skip the sections where I talk too much about myself. I shall understand.

Print - Books – I love books. I suspect that I suffer from some sort of obsessive compulsive disorder when it comes to books. There has not been a single occasion when I’ve stepped into a book shop and come out empty handed. That would be a crime as far as I am concerned. But a few months ago, I ran out of ideas on where to stack my books because my book shelves cannot possibly accommodate any more. And that has, unfortunately for the book shops, kept me at bay. I bought a couple of books last week though and might have to keep them under the pillow - Creativity by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and C&H - Sunday Pages by Bill Watterson. I normally pick up Books on Business, KM, Creativity, Innovation, Humor, Adventure, Mystery, Autobiographies (Business Leaders), Philosophy, Self-Development and Spirituality.

Print – Magazines/Journals – When I was in Business School, I consumed every possible business magazine that was available, basically because I was passionate about business quizzes and wanted to know everything there was to know about business and business personalities. I also used to read a magazine on Investment - Outlook Money – as it was mandated by our SAPM (Securities and Portfolio Management) lecturer. And, well, err……you know….I even managed to win a quiz based on the magazine for which I received a book on the relationship between the tides in the sea and the share market movements (No, I do not apply this knowledge for my investments). Coming back to the present, the only magazines I get to read now are Harvard Business Review and McKinsey Quarterly, and this is only when I visit the office library. I am also subscribed to online articles from Knowledge @ Wharton, Fast Company and Business Week.

Print - Newspapers – I was addicted to Economic Times a few years ago. Now, I am ashamed to say that I don’t even touch newspapers. My love for business has been sacrificed at the altar of KM - now, this only means that I am not fully aware of what's happening in the world of business and has no implications in terms of understanding the relationship between KM and business and how the former can enable the latter :-). But I occasionally browse through RSS feeds from newspapers.

The Web – I spend a lot of time on the web. Googling for information is the rule. I use Bloglines to subscribe to blogs feeds as well as other general RSS feeds. Wikipedia is another great source of information. But I rarely am able to concentrate when on the web because of frequent disturbances at work. If there is something that appeals to me, I end up saving it for offline reading. (Most of the posts I write are also written offline when I am not subjected to disturbances.)

Communication – I rely on Email more than anything else. I was once obsessed about keeping my inbox almost empty. But I’ve got over that phase and ‘am now okay to see it bustling with mails. Apart from my office ID, I use Gmail and Yahoo. I use my mobile for making calls and exchanging messages with local friends. Long ago, I’d tried out Groove to keep in touch with cousins abroad but, now, I use Yahoo messenger.

Audio - Radio – I was addicted to the Radio but only till I bought an iPOD. I have 4 pocket radios and was known for carrying my pocket radio wherever I went when in college and for playing it 24 hours a day.

Audio & Video - Films/Movies – I rarely watch the ‘regular’ movies. But I love animation movies. I went berserk just a couple of days ago and decided to splurge on some animation movie DVDs – I am now a proud owner of Finding Nemo, Garfield, Madagascar, Ice Age 1 & 2, and a few Indian Mythological Stories.

Audio & Video - Music – Music is my oxygen. I can’t live without music. I bought an iPOD video a year ago and have accumulated over 3500 songs so far (apart from hundreds of photographs) . Looks like I will soon use up the remaining 11 GB of space as well. I listen to Indian film music (both old and new), Indian classical music, Western music (melodies only), fusion (I love albums that combine traditional Indian instruments with the Western ones), and a variety of instrumental music.

Audio & Video - TV – I’ve almost stopped watching TV for the past 1 year and ‘am happy for it. But during the weekends, I do spend some hours switching between animal planet, history channel, discovery, nat geo, cartoon network and pogo. I occasionally watch news channels like NDTV and CNBC. I also watch selected music programmes hosted by the Indian channels (Vijay/Jaya/Sony/Zee).

Time to pass it on. I tag the following: :)

Chris Collision, Gautam Ghosh, Ron Young, CHO, and Jack Vinson


ilker said...

That's good news! It means your blog is getting popular ;)

Arbit Orbit said...

Nimmy I am planning to do the same...

Tagging your blog now!

Nimmy said...

ilker, hmmm, that's a nice feeling, i must admit! :-)

arbit orbit, :) hey, thanks thanks thanks....! what's the meme? I just visited your blog and couldn't find the meme...! And I am adding you as well as Neurojava to my blogroll! :D

Terrence said...

Hi Nimmy,
Your posting inspired me to join in: