Monday, February 05, 2007

Management Tools for 2007 - Bain & Co

Bain & Co's review of top 25 management tools in 2007, via Gautam.

KM, Blogs and Collaborative Innovation feature in here (They better...what? ;)). Gautam points out that the presence of these three approaches in the list excites him. :) Yup!


vinod said...

@ Break - Hmmm You went home, had a MOM's Supper, bird watching & blessings from Lord Ganesha - ALL THIS I can visualise for now !!
@ Dear HR - First thought - good post and it deserves a place in ALL EMPLOYER's Mind rather than the HR's mind(tho' it is required 2), cos without their consent and vision HR can do least. So it all boils down to LEADERS and visionaries who set up an organisation and if they follow their principle from scratch - like Narayanmoorthy there WILL BE many a INFY and less CRIBBING, btb WHERE DO U FIND TIME & PATIENCE to type in such abig post !!!
@ Mission Stmt - Well said and my personal mission stmt is - LIFE IS ONCE !!! LIVE IT TO THE FULLEST !!!

Nimmy said...

Thanks for all these comments, V. :) As for finding time and having patience...I write the big posts during the weekends while jotting down ideas as and when they come to me. Patience is required only when one doesn't love what one's doing...passion makes one enjoy it....and I love writing...!

What you say about HR needing to be given a free hand is very true. And nice mission statement! Continue to enjoy life! :)