Thursday, February 15, 2007

All eyes OO on gOOgle and yahOO :)

Google, I believe, does well because of the passion it has for what it does and not because of anything to do with ‘competitive spirit’.

Yahoo, on the other hand, was shaken out of its complacency because of Google. Since then, Yahoo has shown us what it is capable of.

Yahoo mail, My Yahoo et al. But this is certainly a milestone - going by what the experts say - which Google may be observing from the sidelines. Or perhaps Google has something up its sleeve that has not been ‘Beta’ed as yet. For people into organizations driven by passion vs competition, this is situation reflects one of those proverbial battles and only time will tell whether competition changes the course of events for Google as much as it has for Yahoo or whether Google will continue to look inward and do its own thing. (Hey, isn’t it interesting that both organizations have two successive Os in their names but only gOOgle got creative with their Os?)


praneeth said...

Yahoo offered to buy Google for roughly $3 billion in 2002, now Google is a cool $147 billion company.
Yahoo have a strategy to develop there own technology if they cant acquire Google. I guess Microsoft got the beating than yahoo from Google

praneeth said...

And BTW they too have two OO's in them