Saturday, February 24, 2007

EFF is fine...but ECTIVENESS is better than ICIENCY.

Hey, I love this post! I have been, for long, turning my nose up and narrowing my eyes at organizations that focus on efficiency and not on effectiveness and Dave’s story is a much better way to communicate my feelings than turning a nose or two upwards or, for that matter, narrowing an eye or two. (Oh! Come to think of it, I’ve got only one nose to turn upwards and as for narrowing one eye, there couldn’t be a gesture further away from that to communicate what I want to. ;))

PS: I’ve discovered that I share two fundamental views/beliefs with Dave Snowden (good idea to compare one’s views with that of a thought-leader’s).

- Effectiveness over efficiency (Dave’s tone in the post I’ve linked to is enough for me to realize how strong his views are on the topic)

- Paradox thinking (Patrick mentioned this to me during the KM Challenge 2004 conference after seeing me go crazy over a couple of coincidental paradoxes I’d encountered – my inspiration for the paper I presented there arose from Derm Barrett’s book on paradox thinking and the first example that Derm shares in the book is that of Boomerangs from Australia…..which was where, incidentally, the conference was happening.)

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