Friday, February 23, 2007


Have you noticed? Or are you part of the party? We speak of information overload but never of knowledge overload. Why is that? We find it difficult to find the time to catch up with and/or digest too much information. We feel overwhelmed when there’s too much information coming towards us. It’s like getting into the sea and being hit by the waves; sometimes strong enough to push us down and clog our senses. But we can’t seem to have enough of knowledge because it is perceived to be a part of us, it reflects our capability to act rather than just inform. Going back to the sea metaphor, it is perhaps like watching the sea and the waves from the shore and enjoying the view but not letting the waves hit us. I am wandering away from the point I want to make in this post, though. So, going back to it, we can’t seem to have enough of knowledge. The only two other things that come to my mind when we talk about ‘not having enough of something’ are - joy and love. (If you’re the government, you may be screaming ‘taxes’. No comments.). Here comes another important realization. There are only three things that we say grow when shared – knowledge, joy and love! Now, is this just a simple coincidence? I don’t think so. Look at it this way - The three things that we can’t have enough of are exactly those that we talk of sharing most of the time! Wow. Give me a minute. This is one of Nature’s wonderful paradoxes and perhaps the mother of all paradoxes.

There are three things you want more and more of. Knowledge. Joy. Love.

Share them. Give them away.

And, voila! You’ll get more of these three things.

Do you see the light atop my head? Twinkle. Twinkle. GRIN. :-]

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