Sunday, February 04, 2007

During the break...

While in my home-town last week, I also visited one of my favouritest temples - the abode of one of the cutest Gods, Lord Ganesha/Pillayaar/Vinayakar :) – Pillayaarpatti. If you’re in India and fond of Lord Ganesha, this is one temple you ought to see. The idol is believed to have been discovered as a natural formation in a cave.

And…this time around, I spotted a lot of wonderful birds in my village but could not do justice to their beauty on my camera. But some attempts are here for you to admire -each word links to a different photograph (it’s okay to settle for mediocrity at times) or curse (I would prefer you don’t though; there’s always a learning curve). OK. Whatever.

Do identify the birds if you can; I love watching birds but still haven’t learnt to recognize most of them :- The argument that I’ve been going with - What’s in a name?? or What’s in a type? Nothing much, if what one wants to do is simply be delighted by nature’s wonderful creations. Or so I thought….till one of my friends pointed out (on seeing the photos I’d clicked) to me that what I thought was a Woodpecker is actually an Oriole and the latter type of birds travel from Europe to Sri Lanka and India is just a stop over thingy for them. So, imagine my delight when I realized that I’d actually captured such a transitory bird on camera….a fleeting moment literally! Multifold. Knowledge changes not just plain perspectives…but feelings as well. :D

Here's one of the snaps that I think has come out quite well....

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