Thursday, February 01, 2007

KM and Collaboration Product

SiteScape launches a KM and Collaboration product that comprises Wikis, Blogs, Workflow etc. Wonder how much more crowded the KM products market is going to be going forward? It has always been crowded but not in the real sense because most of the players imagined that having just one component of KM in their product was enough for it to be labelled as a KM product. Now, fortunately/unfortunately, it looks like consolidation has happened. Most vendors have realized that KM is more than just DM/CM/Expert Location etc and have started developing exhaustive products or at least tying up with the biggies in the field so their component can be integrated with the biggies'. All said and done, search seems to be an elusive bit....Most organizations seem to end up going for an exclusive and independent search engine...

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