Monday, February 26, 2007

Good Food; Bad Food

It occurred to me this morning, that…

Information (food for thought) when served on the plate called context leads to knowledge, if the person who is offered it, takes it and processes (digests) it. It helps the person place it well (pun intended :)).

But information passed on without the context is almost like gossip. No one knows where it came from, where it ideally ought to be placed and whether it is true or not. It is like junk food that spoils the person’s digestive system, leave alone providing nutrition. But more often than not, it is likely to be placed on the person’s own (the one who takes it) plate, which may be very different from the original plate intended for it.

OK. Vented. Now, it’s your problem to digest this post! ;)

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Arbit Orbit said...


Am planning to put this into practise with my boss today. He needs to get the context! hahahhahah