Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Bedtime Stories and Lullabies

After a post that dwelt upon some bitter truths linked to knowledge environments in organizations, I feel like taking a frivolous and lighthearted break. So, here goes. :D

My doggy sleeps through the day only to sleep again at night. As the day draws to an end and it is time to go to bed, he has this funny, nay, hilarious habit of drowsing while in the sitting position. But that’s because of me. Just before he retires for the day (for the nth time), I appeal to him to sit down and listen to my perspective of KM and life in general (hey, you don’t believe that, do you?) for a while and he normally obliges though he feels sleepy. Or, honestly speaking, one would think he feels sleepy when I start off. So, while I talk, he starts drowsing and his head keeps gravitating towards the left where there’s a wall or sometimes in the downward direction. He miraculously manages to avoid hitting the wall or the floor though. This happens for a few minutes but on seeing him drowse off, I can’t help guffawing so loudly that I hear from friends in Kerala that the elephants there awaken from their slumber and start trembling. This guy here too obviously awakens from his slumber and realizes he’s been entertaining me without getting paid for it and just rushes off to his bed in a jiffy to sleep more comfortably…and thereafter ceases to look at me irrespective of whether I dance on my head or spin on one toe. Clever doggy, what?

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