Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Top 100 Global Brands!

Check out this link to get a hang of this year’s top 100 global brands. And now for the obvious question, when is an Indian company going to make it to this list? : Sob, Sob....

The top 10 global brands are:

Coke (beverages)
Microsoft (software products)
GE (conglomerate)
Intel (IT hardware)
Nokia (telecommunication)
Disney (entertainment)
McDonalds (food)
Toyota (automobiles)
Marlboro (tobacco)

Pepsi must be finding it extremely difficult to bottle its emotions…eh? ;) While Coke is the Numero Uno, Pepsi is only at #26!

Talking about Accenture and Intel – They are both present in the list.

Does somebody have the complete Samsung Story, please? I am impressed by business stories from South Korea. Korean chaebols have certainly made it big coming from almost nowhere...Samsung, LG, Hyundai…(please don’t forget to share links to interesting stories about these companies…if you’ve/you come across them)

Google has made an appearance for the first time (!) and is @ # 38.

PS: Click here for Business Week’s parent story on this brand-ranking exercise…


Jasmine said...

I am writing pretty often about Korea, Korean companies and overall trends in ASia and global that influence Asia. Come on over, if you want :)

Nimmy said...

Cool! Thanks so much, Jasmine! I should find it very interesting! Come to think of it, I think I've been to your blog a few times! Unfortunately, I just don't find the time to browse through all the blogs that I want to! :(. I've even stopped adding blogs of late to my blog reader as I am not able to do justice to all of them! :(

Anyways, I shall snoop around your blog for the Korean stories! :)

jasmine said...

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