Thursday, August 04, 2005

Mindtree Consulting... - News, Mindtree Consulting plans IPO

Mindtree's going commercial in a big way as opposed to its quiet and more or less 'social' existence so far! I've always wondered if Mindtree is a very unique company that is not focused so much on growth and making money as on its values and CSR-like initiatives...but this piece of news has maybe proved me wrong....they are looking at an IPO and inorganic growth! The lure of the money tree? :)

(CSR - corporate social responsibility)


Anonymous said...

MindTree is indeed an unique company , and I dont see how that changes if it plans to go IPO ..
Growth is very important and if you see the way mindtree has been growing it is a major player competing globally with all big players..

IPO is good for the company , its investors and employees so i dont see anything wrong with it .

I think mindtree will do its part in CSR as it has been doing so far.

Nimmy said...

true...there is absolutely nothing wrong in going IPO. actually, it was because of this combined with the news of an acquisition that set me thinking as to whether these are early symptoms of a company going commercial...another company (amongst the millions) running behind profits etc....

i know that a company exists to make money (without compromising on its values). but yet, sometimes my heart looks for a company that is not profit-centered...unrealistic? yes...i guess so!

Debajit said...

Yes, it is like MindTree embodying the verse "As and how a leader behaves, so do the others; the standards set by the leader is emulated by others" (The Bhagavad Gita). So, the slightest departure from the ideal induces a fall of expectation.We have pinned a lot of hopes in MindTree!