Wednesday, August 03, 2005

IT Advertising

How many software/IT products/services companies you know use celebrities to advertise themselves? I love Intel's unconventional and trend-setting advertisements despite their (Intel's) distance from the end-customer.

Here is Accenture using Tiger Woods to advertise themselves....and of course, I remember that Microsoft had used Narayan Murthy for their Windows XP campaign....hmmm....interesting! Who would have thought about a software/IT company using an actor/musician/sportsman to advertise their services/products...!


srini said...

am sorry, but i dont endorse celebrity endorsements. how long does it take for one to realise that the celebrity is being paid millions (to lure you) and would rather not personally use the product (anyways who will know!!).

does one know for sure that sachin uses MRF or drives the palio. that preity zinta use H&S. that all the bunch of cricketers drink whatever health drinks they proudly hold on TV. the list goes on.

all this is playing with our minds!! go buy what you have tried and found best or heard from your social network.

sorry if its not directly linked to your post - but i couldnt help ranting about celebrity ads.

btw i dont understand what tiger woods does for accenture? are they saying that you can go play golf while we do all the work for you (their clients)??

Nimmy said...

well, well, well...! slow down, srini! :) i guess you may have read between the lines or maybe not...actually, i think that it is amusing/interesting to see IT companies advertise per se...and more so to see them use celebrities to advertise....haven't really analyzed whether that is good/bad etc... :). the reason why i think it is interesting is because of the kind of services/products the IT companies provide and the distance between these and the end-customers (Intel...for example)

coming to celebrity advertising, i do think that companies DO NOT look at the celebrity's real personality...they concentrate more on the reel/screen personality (esp. if it is an actor). that is, perceived personality...

If a company has really done a good amount of research and chosen a person who fits into the value-system of the company/brand, then it would be a superb combination! I would endorse that! For example, using Menaka Gandhi for an Animal Rights advertisement! Cool...right? :)

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