Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Power of Analogies

Those of you who believe in analogies shouldn't miss this one. I found it to be fascinating! Imagine the wonderful things that life has in store for us! If we were simply observant enough and watched the way life went about around us, who knows...we might a solution to some of our seemingly impossible problems....just by 'analogising'! :) I'd love to make such discoveries!


KE: Where did you learn about social networks?
Dr. Karen Stephenson
KS: My background is in chemistry and I was looking at the properties of large protein molecules. In Biology and Physics there are certain basic principles by which matter is organized. When I was working as the manager for quality assurance in a laboratory in Salt Lake City, I was sitting on the mezzanine watching about 200 chemists and physicists doing their work. A flash occurred to me because I saw them interacting in patterns that I had seen before in theoretical chemistry and physics and it hit me so powerfully that I thought a lot about it. In less than six months I was on a masters program in quantum chemistry; I moved all of my mathematical studies over to the department of archaeology to test these theories out in human groups. I wondered if there was a natural order to organizing. The best way to test that out is to go where human civilizations once were so that they're not moving around. From an archaeological standpoint, I retraced the steps of networks and settlement patterns in what is now modern day Iraq and Egypt to determine if there was a uniform pattern and there was. I then carried it out in living human organizations. I've spent about 20 years now looking at modern day corporations, governments and academia.

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