Monday, August 01, 2005

Short Story Creativity

I was blog-surfing on Friday evening and came across a blog that is apparently famous for its short stories (good ones I should say...though I did not have the time to read it all :-( ). It sort of caught my attention. My first thought was that it was extremely creative. I believe that the effort will get one’s creative juices flowing and help one feel tickled – if it comes out well that is. It might bring in radical and unconventional ideas as well. It might get one to think, so to speak. So, I’ve decided to take a stab at it. The good news for you is that I’ll keep it going…but will not write them frequently unless/till I feel I have what it takes. Here’s my first such short story. Silly one as you might expect. But so what? We’ve to start somewhere, eh?

As she struggled to find her way out, she saw him in the crowd. But his wasn’t a face in the crowd. She wanted to stop but the crowd did not let her. For a fleeting moment, their eyes met. They recognized each other. He was moving in the opposite direction. She quickly changed her direction and walked in his direction. She caught him looking back and searching for her. He then turned back and walked towards her. He had an exquisite looking object in his hand. It looked very familiar. She fished out something similar from her bag. They were facing each other in a few seconds. He quietly placed the pen on her outstretched hand without a word and she fixed the cap in its place in silence and showed him the pen long enough for him to take a hard look at it. She then said ‘Thank You!’ and put the pen in her bag and both of them turned around and started going in their original directions. Once she reached home, she pulled out the pen and smiled at what she had written on it – “Returning this pen will bring you peace.” The pen’s cap had the last word. She too had had the last word.


Anonymous said...

interesting try. sounds like a storyboard for a pierre cardin pen :).

i too took a shot at it, again triggered by ammani:

Squirrel said...

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