Friday, August 12, 2005

A Sudden Change!

Something that happened to me this morning makes me feel a little disorientated about the changes I am going through...

I normally break down when I see a dying/dead dog (not to mention other animals and birds). My eyes start welling up with unrestrained tears and I cry like a baby. More so when the dog has met his/her end because of being run down by a vehicle (driven by a cruel and merciless rogue, I ought to add. GRRRRR!). I am not even able to type this out, feels like I am committing a crime….

This morning, I had the misfortune of laying my eyes on one such gruesome spectacle. But, it was all over when I saw it. I only saw the ‘signs’ of it. (God!). I was almost about to break down when I heard a stern voice in my head. “It’s just the body!” It was as if someone had brought my emotions to a screeching halt. That was not all. As I realized that I’d actually recovered from my emotions in less than a minute, the voice returned to say “Remember, nothing is permanent!” If there were any emotions left in my heart, even they were wiped clean at that instance. I returned to my book. But, as I began to read, I couldn’t help wondering whether I ought to feel good about being detached or feel bad about taking the death of a dog so lightly...almost indicating a lack of humanity/compassion. Any answers?! Please be generous with your thoughts. I want them thoughts! (But I have to admit that I found it challenging to write the first part of this post despite such ‘spiritual developments’ indicating that it may be the transitional phase)


srini said...

you have answered it somewhat - nothing is permanent.

the dog had its own destiny - that defined its end that way. its a matter of fact that you couldnt have done anything anymore for its poor soul (other than wishing that it Rs.I.P). the fact that thoughts did arise show your compassion towards life - but not getting attached to the thoughts and get depressed is the right way.

as another option you might want to look at other ways to actually give life to this compassion - animal shelter volunteer help etc.

just my naya paisa worth of thoughts.

Deepak Alse said...

Check my blog for the response >>

Nimmy said...

thanks a ton for your comments, srini and deepak! i think it is wonderful, to be able to discuss these things through blogs...your thoughts have given me more food for thought.

acting on the compassion by lending a helping hand is certainly the way to go! you said it. i realize that all talk (and no action) is of no use!

raj said...

Srini said it well, you can let the thoughts spur you onto a bigger vision in life.

Veerapathiran said...

today's world is such that even if a human is lying dead on the road, many of us carry on with ourselves..
dont bother much, we've lots of excuses for doing so..
and (as it comes in anniyan) there is no law as such to stop and help..(even if its already dead, we still can making sure the dog's body comes to road-side rather be overrun again and again..)

i think mere thoughts and compassion doesn't help unless shown in action..
"Action springs not from thought, but from a readiness
for responsibility."

Nimmy said...

you folks spur me on to greater heights! into the world of action from that of thoughts and feelings! thanks a ton! :)
(thanks to blogger as well!)

Mikey said...

Found a lot of useful info on your site about Change Management - thank you. Haven't finished reading it yet but have bookmarked it so I don't lose it. I've just started a Change Management blog myself if you'd like to stop by