Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Quotes on Forgiving...

My cousin bought a pocket-book on forgiving; I liked the quotes and wrote them down in my diary. Here they are...

(Er...ahem...I don't have the names of the book and its author...I should hopefully include it in this post provided my cousin hasn't misplaced the book and lets me know the details...)


When you cannot forgive someone for causing you hurt, you are allowing that person to control thoughts and your life!

There are more chances of your offender realizing how wrong he has been, in the calm waters of your forgiving silence than in the disturbed waters of your reactive behaviour.

Those who can forgive have high self-esteem, low stress levels and better emotional health than those who cannot!

We sometimes find it difficult to forgive others for making derogatory remarks about us. What somebody else feels about us is not important. What is important is what one feels about oneself. As long as we can honestly examine ourselves and say that we are not what the others think us to be, it is fine!

Forgiving is a bad act. It makes the other person feel weak in your presence.

The bliss of freedom lies in letting go of our dislikes, grudges, anger and hatred.

It takes much more effort and courage to be in control of your emotions and behaviour than to give in to them.

When we decide to forgive, we refuse to let anybody else have any kind of control over our life.

He who has not forgiven an enemy has never tasted one of the most sublime enjoyments of life.

Hatred gets people nowhere!

Chinese saying: one who pursues revenge should dig 2 graves.

Transform your desires to intentions. Be grateful for all that you have or all that has happened to you, for all that happens to you leaves you stronger and wiser than before.

Accept your anger and drive it away. Watch it go as a detached observer. If you remain a silent and keen observer when it approaches it will go away leaving you unharmed.

To forgive is an act of victory for yourself and over your tormenter.

You always have the power and freedom to choose your response under any circumstances.

Just for today I will shift focus of my attention from what happens to me to how I react to it.

There is no failure. There are only results. It is our judgment that makes them appear as failures or successes.

Thank GOD for our failures. Our failures teach us how to be successful!

Having lost everything in life, tomorrow still remains ours.

The quality of forgiveness is an alternative of the strong. The weak can never forgive.

When you forgive, you do no one but yourself a favour. Not being able to digest the wrong the other person has done to you is your problem, not his.

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