Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Kerala's Akshaya project wins global IT award- The Economic Times

Why can't the other states in India learn from Kerala? Why aren't we making use of the concepts of Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration? Why doesn't the central government wield the stick and make it happen? Oh, God! I want to see India transform into the 'best' country on earth overnight...or at least maybe before I die...(which is hopefully not overnight! ) ;-)

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Veerapathiran said...

india is not going to transform into 'best' country neither overnight or in our lifetime..i'm not pessimist/sadist to take this position, but just a person who knows/feels/lives india..
perhaps few hunreds years from now it may be possible..but we need to start somewhere and i dont see that happening.

-St. Veera.

"The world of achievement has always belonged to the optimist."

*J. Harold Wilkins