Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Weird? or/and Silly? And Who? The Weather or Me?

I haven't been feeling well for almost 2 weeks now, down with one thing or the other. Obviously, I wasn't able to blog/blog-surf...
I decided to risk it and look at the monitor for just a few minutes today (the latest in the list of organs affected are my eyes) and have ended up quickly browsing through some of my friends' blogs only to realize that the rest of Bangalore or at least bloggers in Bangalore and some other cities are all down with illnesses. The weather is obviously dictating to our immune systems...

Meanwhile, here's my chance to get a little weird and silly or maybe just silly or maybe just weird. I mean, here's a silly and weird poaam or maybe just a silly one or maybe just a weird one. Whether you see it as weird or silly depends on whether you are weird or silly (and the weather in your city). Excuse me. I am almost done...except for the poaam. ;)

Plagued by illness
One after another
Looking for kindness
Is what one might gather

It all started with my upset stomach
That did a sure-fire job of passing the buck
Then, it was the common cold
And then, it was the aching throat
Despite being so bold
It was time I grudgingly wrote
This poem, to denote
That now it's my eyes
Which are infected and, boy, it cries (ignore the grammar)

And here, I hope, the buck stops
Else, I shall call the health cops (I couldn't think of anything else that rhymed)
Through with my quota for 10 years;
I hope...with blocked ears but determination fierce

PS: If I haven't responded to your mails, you know the reason why I haven't. Hold on till my eyes are back to normal. (And my mind too, you might add...going by this post)


*~*Michelle*~* said...

Just came across your blog...very good! Hope you are feeling better soon.

srini said...


same problem here. take care

Veerapathiran said...

me too in colderness..sniff.bangalore weather and my office air cooler (they claim it to be a conditioner) keeping me wrapped ice age..

but no such luck as cutting job and taking sick if it means your health condition heads southward..

waiting for bangalore to get sunny :-)

Nimmy said...

michelle - thanks a ton for the appreciation and thanks even more for wishing me well! :) I took a look at your blog and think it's cool! :) hope to be a regular visitor.... there are so many blogs to read but so little time!

srini and veera - take care people!!

sarah said...

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