Thursday, July 28, 2005


Was in a training programme earlier this week. The trainer shot us a query which went like this – What comes to your mind when I say ‘Leader’? Can you illustrate your thoughts?

This is what (ni)me (pronounced nimmy :)) drew. The circle (read person) in the center is the glue that brings all associated forces together. (S)he doesn’t hide everyone else in the team and look for the publicity, fame and popularity herself/himself. Neither does (s)he necessarily have to ‘hide’ behind people and work so quietly that there is no clue who is ‘leading’. The leader is both a leader as well as a follower. A leader is one of the team members. But a leader does much more. (S)he understands the big picture. A leader inspires, motivates, thinks, sets the direction, calls upon others to contribute to setting the direction, encourages, directs, consults, advises, clarifies, questions, listens, empathizes and understands. Her/his language is WE, OUR, and OUR’S.

PS: I did ensure that the circle representing the leader was slightly larger than the other circles because all said and done, the leader ought to be of such a character that (s)he is respected and admired and therefore stands out...

The trainer told us that in parts of Europe and US, people mostly drew a person leading from the front and an army like formation behind her/him. In Japan, pictures were drawn the other way round…the leader backing up his people and letting them march ahead of her/him.

Btw, I am thrilled that I don’t have to go to the trouble of using Hello or Flickr, anymore, to post my pictures! :D Thank you, Blogger!

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