Thursday, July 21, 2005

Library or House?

I have been on a major book-buying spree this and last month. My dream of owning a library, I should think, has been sort of fulfilled. I should also mention that I now run the risk of being deprived of the bed that I sleep in. And, pray, why? My bed has become an extension of my book shelf. Whoever thought about using books for pillows was thinking about me and in a literal sense (pun unintended).

There was a book exhibition conducted by the Information Services Department in my organization and, additionally, I went around snooping in book shops very well aware of the fact that it would be a next to impossible task for me to come out of book shops without buying at least one book! I deserve it. And wait…who said I don’t desire it? So, here are the books that have been added to my collection but are having to manage by sitting in awkward spaces - in temporary abodes.

- Life of Pi (Fiction)
- Sophie’s world (Philosophy)
- An ordinary person’s guide to empire – Arundhati Roy (Politics)
- The Upanishads (Ethics, Life, Philosophy, History)
- The collaborative enterprise (KM)
- Indian birds – Salim Ali (:-))
- The romantic manifesto - Ayn Rand (Fiction)
- Ignited minds – Abdul Kalam (Inspiration)
- My experiments with truth – M.K Gandhi (Autobiography)

Somebody stop me…till I build a house with a library that conceals the house!

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