Friday, July 01, 2005

Subconscious Mind!

I am getting sucked into the concept of using the subconscious mind to do just about anything! I swam into the concept for the second time a few weeks ago and have fallen for it hook, line and sinker. Everything (else :)) is gradually falling in place. To give your subconscious mind the power to do whatever you wish means getting the conscious mind out of the way – to be precise, it is about getting rid of the limitations set by your conscious mind. It is about teaching your conscious mind to simply trust the subconscious to do what you want it to once you’ve dreamed it all up in a perfect and precise way. This is how Jack Addington puts it – “Man can do whatever he is able to conceive in his mind, receive in his consciousness, expect with assurance, and accept in actual experience

As I sat reflecting on the two states of the mind, I unexpectedly recalled a scene in the Tamil movie, Chandramukhi. While watching this scene in the movie left me thinking for a while, I did not really bother to go back to it and reflect upon it once I was outside the theatre. The movie is about a woman (the heroine) who is subjected to split-personality disorder. The heroine and her family move into an erstwhile palace, in a village, much against the wishes of the villagers. The villagers believe that the palace is haunted as a lady that lived there had been killed by her own husband, the king. After being exposed to the new circumstances and getting engrossed in the story, supported ably by paintings, books, and attire that she finds in a dusty room in the palace, the heroine is so influenced that she assumes the character of the lady - a dancer who was wronged by the king - when she (the heroine) is not ‘herself’. In her newly ‘acquired’ personality, the heroine is out to seek revenge against her ‘real’ husband who she thinks is the king who wronged her. OK, cutting the story out, the scene that I am referring to is one where she suddenly assumes the personality of the killed lady and lifts a bed that weighs tons, literally, single-handedly. Her husband is aghast and watches her do so unable to believe his eyes.

What I am coming to is that, the heroine who suffers from the split-personality disorder is obviously going through a patch where her conscious mind disappears and subconscious mind comes to the fore, whenever she takes on the personality of the lady killed by the king. The conscious mind has already done the job of telling her that she is the lady in the old story before it makes a disappearing act. Now, when she lifted the bed that weighed tons she was being directed by her subconscious mind! This, if true, confirms the fact that the subconscious mind knows no barriers; it knows no failure! Are there any doctors (actually psychiatrists) out there who can verify this? Have you seen patients that do ‘impossible things’ when they are subjected to such mental disorders? I am dying to know!

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