Thursday, July 07, 2005

Read at your own risk...

It’s pretty amusing to realize that sometimes one feels like rolling on the floor laughing at one’s own thoughts that may have occurred just a day or two before the laughter set in. It’s relatively less amusing to realize that one feels like laughing at thoughts that occurred years ago. These thoughts can, as you know, simply be attributed to lack of maturity and experience. It’s when the thoughts persist and are proven to be right that one is progressing on the ‘maturity index’. Now what the hell is that?

I am going through the quality management system in my organization and 'am trying to absorb its concepts. It will reflect in the rest of this particular post. This is the time to back-out. Else, you have no choice but to face the consequences. ;) Here is a metric for you to assess your maturity level/level-headedness (some level...whatever!).

Maturity Index = (Number of thoughts that persist and are proven to be ‘right’ * 100)/Total number of thoughts

Where, Total number of thoughts = (number of thoughts that last only a few hours + number of thoughts that last a few months/years + number of ‘permanent’ thoughts )

Therefore, if you are a person without any thoughts whatsoever (zero), then your Maturity Index = Infinity! (Just discovered that there is no button for representing infinity, on the keyboard!) :-)

Guidelines: Maturity Index is directly proportional to experience, education, insight, common sense, people skills, exposure to the world, learning index etc. It is indirectly proportional to level of ego, level of insecurity, level of selfishness, level of greed, level of arrogance, level of anger, level of attachment, level of jealousy etc

Not known – Relationship between Maturity Index and age, location, and gender.

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Sarita Shekhar said...

Ha ha ha... Hilarious and brilliant! Nimmy, you should publish this one! Bet everyone would love to measure maturity :) risky or not!