Friday, July 29, 2005

Simply Good!

I love the Air Deccan tagline – Simplifly; maybe because it is wacky but more, I guess, because it truly reflects Air Deccan’s philosophy so well and is not a tag line that’s been suggested by some witty advertising guys because they thought that’s what would sell! Simplified flying at its best…no gift wrappings, no accessories, no nothing, just flying…from one place to another….(I’ve seen one too many organizations go for taglines that are trendy, stylish and cool but don’t in the least reflect the values/vision/philosophy of the organization! How absurd and unbelievable!)

Noticed some of their one-liners outside their office on Cunningham road...(not as impressive as Simplifly :( except for the first one. The first one is again appealing because it is the truth…they (Air Deccan) surely changed the perception of air travel in India)

The wings of change
Of the people, by the people, for the people
So powerful, it can carry a nation
Official carrier of common sense

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