Tuesday, February 01, 2005

What a surprise!

What a surprise! I was talking about 3 ideal ways of living a few days ago on my Blog and look what I read in today's LifeSupport message! There are quite a few similar thoughts too!!


Many people feel as if they have lost the key to getting what they
want in life -- meaning, happiness, success, peace, security. They
have been trudging and toiling at length but feel as if they are locked out of that place they really want to be. They think, "If only I had the key to a whole and happy life!"

That wise and amazing woman Eleanor Roosevelt gave three keys to meaning, happiness, success and peace. "One is that you do whatever comes your way as well as you can," she said. She knew that the key to satisfaction in life is to take pride in whatever you're given to do, regardless how grand or humble the undertaking.

"Another is that you think as little as possible about yourself and as much as possible about other people and about things that are
" she continued. Eleanor Roosevelt knew that those who take a genuine interest in the concerns of others and in great ideas lose their desire to worry needlessly about themselves.

"The third is that you receive more joy out of giving joy to others
and [that you] should put a good deal of thought into the happiness that you are able to give
," she concluded. She was aware that the key to finding happiness is in giving happiness -- wherever and whenever possible.

These are three keys that should neither be lost nor locked away in a safe place. Learn to use them -- every day -- and you'll open doors to those important and wonderful things that will make your life worth living!
This reading is found in Steve Goodier's popular book

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Veerapathiran said...

just yesterday, i was discussing with my friend as to how happy-less our lives are. We dont know what we want to do / where do we want to go in future, we're so frustrated with the day-today things we're doing etc..

3 keys are pretty simple as usual but will be touch ones to follow :-( I'll try them and will rehash once in a while..

i think i need to read through ur blog at leisure so that i can reflect on it..

good ones..keep it going.