Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Passing Thoughts

Competition is for those who aren't intrinsically motivated. Competition kills. Competition destroys. Competition doesn't spur quality. Competition may impose creativity, but the joy that the competitors get is to do with winning and not creating per se. Competition has brought about improvement. It would be foolish to deny that. But competition has also killed and destroyed. Collaboration and passion is the way out. The best way out. But then, the world is not full of people who want to only create. The world is full of people who want to win! So, competition will continue to exist. It will continue to create as well as kill.

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Veerapathiran said...

anything and everything cant happen by itself. You need triggers for event to start and that is competition (in business & science!). Obviously you need some bit of ethics (which comes from within you..difficult to enforce) to remain successful for long term.

of course there are some fields which needs intrinsic motivation, and that is arts.
and for that matter, most of the artists (and their art productions) are rarely understood!

>>It will continue to create as well as kill.
Nothing but pure darwin's theory! Survival of the fittest!!