Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Organizations and their stingy behaviours!

I can't get over this. I can't seem to understand it too! We (Organizations) earn so much money in all our commercial ventures! We make millions and millions. Why can't we then make use of a fraction of this money to fulfill our own needs? Needs that ultimately - will anyways - for God's sake - result in better performance! We need products as much as our customers do. We need good internal services as much as our customers do. We are helping our customers use better products and enjoy better services. While we ourselves are deprived of it! What an irony! The service that we have within the company and the products that we use within our company will not only help us serve our customers better but also keep our employees happy. Investing in services and products for internal needs only shows the importance that an organization has for its own employees! Take some of the products that organizations use. IS, KM, HR, Process Automation, Logistics etc - If they are developed in-house, of course, they are developed because buying a product would be so costly! (Ah!) We employ people who are not 'equipped' to be a part of the customer-delivery teams! (I hate this!). Even if there are some smart guys in service functions, they are considered to belong to the lower strata of the society by most of the other so-called 'bright' guys! They simply don't seem to accept that there can be smart people anywhere! And what next? So, these products are developed in-house to save as much as money as we can. If there are products that we can't possibly develop in-house (say ERP), then we have to buy it! (sorry Mr.CEO). And then what, we realize down the line that most of the products that we develop in-house are no good (because we did not spend enough money, because the team was anyway not 'expected' to do well because they are 'dumb'). So, what do we do? Move over to a product? Get some special people in to improve the product? What happens if we buy products and we buy different products for different purposes, one for IS, another for HR, a third for KM? Who the hell will integrate all of them? It might be too late to integrate them! Employees bear the brunt. So do the people who are supposed to manage these products! Is there a solution to this dilemma? Is there one product that fits all - No! Does a rare but brilliant product give space for other products to fit in as well? - Maybe! Going back to my original bone of contention, is it like this? We humans spend a lot of money on a lot of unwanted things except our own health. Do organizations follow the same trend? Don't they want to spend money on their own internal 'state of health'? Okay, I've rambled enough for today!

PS: - I am sure you must have concluded by now that I wrote this in a huff! You are right!

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