Wednesday, February 16, 2005

NPKM to Aa-ha!

I decided to change the name of my Blog to Aa-ha! [Thinking Inside The Blog!] instead of NPKM [Thinking Inside The Blog!]. (The URL remains the same).

Why? - NPKM conveys nothing in particular as it is just a combination of my initials and KM. Realized down the line that though I am a KMer and passionate about KM, there are a lot of other things that interest me in life as well (Life, Spirituality, Creativity, Innovation, Leadership, Branding & Advertising, Books, People, Learning, Music, Poetry, Animals, Birds, Philosophy, Mysticism, Paradoxes, Comics, Change Management, Culture, Travel, and Cartoons) and it is not really reflective of the Blog to call it just NPKM.

Aa-ha! is about discovering new things irrespective of the arena. And ever since I started Blogging, I do seem to be discovering new things - new concepts, new attitudes, new people et al. So, there! Here's hoping that there will be millions of Aa-ha! moments that I will come across and share with you as well!

1 comment:

Veerapathiran said...

yehi hai right choice baby, Aaha!