Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Knowledge Sharing - Checklist - Carla O'Dell

Just been reading the book – “The executive’s role in Knowledge Management” by Carla O’ Dell. Found this useful checklist therein on how to assess if one’s organization is open to sharing and KM:

• Are employees receptive to learning opportunities
• Does the organization make it a point to hire intellectually curious employees
• Do employees feel their job is no less secure by sharing information and revelaing mistakes made?
• Do employees identify more with the company than with their individual professions?
• Is the opportunity to explore new and innovative ideas a part of each employee’s workday?
• Are employees given enough time to teach each other? Is teaching and mentoring a factor in promotions?
• Are settings to identify mistakes and lessons learned separate from individual evaluations?
• Do the major work flows through the organization enable employees to frequently interact?
• Are problems and opportunities addressed in a collaborative manner?
• Do managers encourage and respect different opinions and suggestions for improvements?
• Do employees feel that they can approach any level of manager in the organization?
• Do business units recognize that relevant information may come from other units and external sources?
• Do managers encourage their employees to help employees in other units?
• Does senior management understand the reason for differences in values among units and subgroups?
• Do employees understand the long-term benefits of sharing what they know?
• Are employees who innovate and/or collaborate recognized and rewarded?
• Are team-based performance and accomplishments recognized before individual accomplishments?

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