Thursday, January 27, 2005

Three Ideal Ways of Living

I am currently reading a spiritual book called Freedom’s way by ZT Bloch Jorgensen. Have been reading up on different spiritual philosophies for a long time and have been trying to consolidate my thoughts on the topic. But have been clueless for quite some time. Just beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t know if it’s that from an oncoming train though! ;) Read a small article about a community called Swapathagami that one of my colleagues introduced me to. Has triggered me off into thinking harder. The community is about folks who go their own way. they call it walking out and walking on. They don’t subscribe to the commercial way of living. Took me to a different plane altogether. Thoughts flowed. Jotted them down. Don’t know if it will make any sense to you. I have been searching for long for the ‘best’ way to lead one’s life. A life that teaches, A life that can be enjoyed every minute, a life full of peace, a life that is bliss, a life that makes a difference. Very aptly put, like Gandhi said – ‘my life is my message’ – a life that’s a message. Sort of put everything together now and then split it into 3 heads. These are three IDEAL ways of living in my perception. There’s more that I will learn down life’s alleys and maybe I will come back to add to this. (It’s already late. Can’t keep filling my mind with thoughts and leave life in a void. Will have to apply these principles.)

I am- As if life leads me and I go along with it without any complaints, wishes, aims, goals, desires, nothing whatsoever. I am happy come what may. Not affected by sorrow. Nor affected by joy. Life is bliss. I am not indifferent, but I am detached. I have no agenda of my own. I am happy for life. I love life for its own sake. I experience life the way it is. I am selfless, I am egoless. I don’t think about myself and my needs. There is no concept of ‘I’. I accept and absorb both the joys and sorrows of life. I am not affected by them. So, nothing can kill me. I will teach those who come to me. I am spiritual in the sense that I am life’s perfect ally and partner. (Ramana, Buddha, Other Spiritual Gurus?)

I will be – I am part of this world. I am affected by what happens to me and the world. The fact that I am affected makes me want to do something for the greater good. I radiate positive energy. I understand why things happen. I will not complain, but I will do whatever possible to help. I might sacrifice my ‘life’ for the world. I am clear about what I want to be. It might be an earthly goal. It may be a goal that could be related to phenomenal achievement and accomplishment. I will contribute to my own standing as well as the society. I might lead a great company. I might serve the country. I might discover something. I might invent something. I am creative. I am talented. I know. I have a goal. I have an ambition. I will expend my energy to find out how I can get to my goal. I will not give up. I am a rock of self-confidence. I will not indulge in petty things. All I see is my goal and how I can get there – but by taking the ‘right’ path. I am affected by joys and sorrows, but I will do whatever required toward the joys dominating the sorrows! I will let joy and peace have the upper hand over sorrow by doing my bit. True to my conscience. I am spiritual in the sense that I live for a higher goal. (Jesus; Gandhi; Einstein; Mother Theresa;)?

It’s my own world – I have no ambition or goal. Instead, I have a vision. A vision that transcends the world. I look inward for the vision. I don’t look outward for my sources. I am a recluse, but I love the world. I am within myself as well as beyond myself. I have my values and will stick to them even if I get killed for it. My vision is not for just myself but for the world and its inhabitants. I want to contribute to the world. Spiritually. But I look within myself for the strengths. I search for my talent. I want to know who I am. I want to know where I belong. I have no worldly ties. But I will lend myself to reducing pain in the world. I can be seen as eccentric. But that doesn’t worry me. I will live for myself. I will give to the world even if it doesn’t understand me. I neither am affected by joys and sorrows nor do I absorb and accept them. I lose sight of them. They are invisible to me. Because all I see is my vision. Everything else is a non-entity. I am spiritual in the sense that I rely on the divine forces to make me lead my life. (Bharathiar?)

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Swapathagami: Sounds interesting. Can you email me the write up if you have an electronic copy?

Raj W