Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Personal KM, Personalized KM

Caught up with some more papers on Blogging and KM. In the list was this paper on Distributed KM by Martin Roll. Very simple and easy to read paper, this.

He says “….Besides reaffirming the importance of communication this indicates that there is another component to the issue of which tool knowledge workers chose to support their work: They prefer to user personal tools, that is: Tools that they can control and customize to their own needs.”

How true! I can relate to that so much! It’s made me decide on a few things! Personal KM, Blogging and personalization of KM portals would be very effective! That’s what I am going to propose and gun for this year. I’ve already started the Blogging initiative. The PKM was communicated through a couple of stories. Now, the plan’s to develop a training material on PKM! Wish me luck! 

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Veerapathiran said...

wish you a lot of luck:-)