Thursday, September 25, 2008

Simplify and Simply Fly

I like playing with my GTalk status message. It is fun to key in something extremely inspiring or something ridiculous and meaningless. The rest are more or less boring. But I don't really stop to think what made me compose my status message. I let anything dictate and like it that way.

Here's my current message: Great Life = Enthusiasm+Energy+Excitement. Always. And while I was generally looking at the message and wondering how incomplete the message sounded and that there has to be a lot more on the right hand side of the equation, something struck me in a flash.

Imagine any task that you need to take up in life and then look at my silly equation, if you will. When you get started with the task, you must have all the enthusiasm that it takes. When you get going, you must give it all the energy that it needs and when you're done with it, you must have all the excitement that it deserves (be happy about the outcome and what you've done irrespective of whether it goes to the Oscars or not. Just be excited about where you are and what you have learnt). Taking this to the next step, a string of tasks approached from this perspective promises a great life. Uh?

Sorry if you don't believe in simplification. My view on simplification is otherwise. If it's true that what matters is our attitude and how we react to things, then why not look at this complex world/life (that's the truth, of course) and simplify your perception of it, so you start believing you know exactly what to do (and not worry about other things which are anyway not under your control)? After all, what you can achieve! ;-)

With due apologies to an erstwhile local airline....simplify and simply fly!

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