Monday, September 22, 2008

KM - Identifying Training Needs

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So, here's my response to the first query. How does KM help in Identifying Training Needs?

Would KM drive this need or simply enable it?: KM is an enabler for identifying training needs

Traditionally: The employee along with her manager identifies the training programs that she needs to attend on an occasional basis. The inputs come from the Job description, performance appraisals and futuristic plans.

So, What is KM’s Value-add? KM can bring in peer perspective and peer triggers and improve overall awareness of the training (aka knowledge) gaps

The Idea: A KM environment promises awareness of peer knowledge and competencies, which in turn can prove to be a trigger for identifying training gaps. Additionally, focused peer feedback and interaction can bring to light the knowledge gaps which results in identification of training needs. Also, an environment that is knowledge-oriented (repositories, blogs, wikis, expertise locators) brings to light the potential areas that the employee needs to be in touch with.

The Details: Culture, Process and Technology: Social networking tools, community interaction, access to experts, publicity of organizational knowledge maps, and peer-based feedback are some of the solutions for the above


Jeevan Kamble said...

One live experience could be, KM as a platform provides peers to share there experience and notify to the management on the most liked knowledge area that should be leveraged and this itself can be developed into a Training program. Certainly the knowledge storage on the training modules and material can be captured and the popularity of the Training it self can be noticed. Knowledge Audit/ Mapping can add great deal in showcasing the results for Knowledge needs and gaps.

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