Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Need for a Common Repository

I was just thinking about wrapping up Atul's recent musings on the need for a common repository with re. to KM (as opposed to separate team KM areas that are independently maintained but searchable) and my own excited response to that, in a single post. So, I headed towards his blog promptly and... what do I discover? He has saved me some energy and created such a post himself! :-) So, all I have to do is provide a link here...! Thanks Atul!

Here's the link then...


"Lots of organizations don't seem to buy the idea of a common repository! And my key point was very much what you have mentioned here - having a common repository urges employees to get into the sharing (and out of the silo) mentality. A common repository means common taxonomy...a common way of identifying and locating artifacts. A common repository means a visually rich big picture that tells you about all sorts of possibilities....not one that is carved out of a narrow search term!! A common repository means a process of consolidation and integration. A common repository means an upfront identification of overlaps and differences! :-)

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