Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Double Juggle

On my mind this morning is what appears, to me, to be one of the most intriguing paradoxes - It is most important to have an open mind, be ready for all the experiences that life has to offer, be flexible enough to absorb contradictory opinions from the world around us, be humble enough to accept that truth can have multiple flavours and dimensions etc. At the same time, it is equally important to be firm and confident about one's thoughts & ideas, to act based on conviction, to have the faith that one's decision will turn out to be appropriate & accurate and so forth. While it is hard to work with people who think they know it all and rarely have space for outside views and apprehensions, it can be equally hard to work with people who can't take decisions because they have too much of an open mind. If you've learned to juggle the two attitudes so well that it appears like you're not juggling two independent things but just playing an easy game with one continuous're it.


wake_up_then_walk said...

I went through the red and blue part and was really able to relate to the paradoxes mentioned.

But then i thought of giving it a second look. I tabulated your statements into two different columns and lo! there was suddenly no paradox at all. I mean none. Most of your statements were at the most complementing each other. Try it, it's quite funny.(Pity, i couldn't paste the table here)

I had read somewhere that the Brain tries to outpace the spoken word through assumption, guess it's the same with ideas.

A second look- that's all life is asking from us.

Nimmy said...

Hey Rakesh! :-)
I had not taken a second look at my post till you asked me to! :P

Your observation is indeed interesting. To add to what you discovered, let me confess that I've known paradoxes to be so. They seem to be opposite forces when seen from one angle and complementary forces when seen from another. They so fascinate me. But, frankly, I find it so difficult to realize the truth when it comes to practice. How can I be open and still be firm? Dumb Nimmy!

While I am able to appreciate your sensible suggestion to take a second look at things/life, my mind sometimes asks me to be impulsive and take a deep dive and go by my instincts. And instincts don't wait! What are your thoughts?

So, here I am...accepting your ideas and yet questioning you! :-P LoL. Tell me. I am eager to learn from you! :)

wake_up_then_walk said...

I never knew so much about paradoxes. But, yes, I can be open to ideas(input) but firm about my implementation(output). Impulse interrupted by the mind confuses me a bit. Accepting ideas and yet questioning means we are scaling up.

You are eager!; i've already learned so much from you.


I'm loving this...

Nimmy said...

:-D You must read the book "The Paradox Process" by Derm Barret. You'll get to know Paradoxes better. One of my favourite books. astonishes me that I've been able to help you learn. So, rambling and musing can be! :)

Me too...! There is so much joy in exchanging thoughts as long as the spirit of learning is intact!

wake_up_then_walk said...

There is so much joy in exchanging thoughts as long as the spirit of learning is intact!


I really marvel at the power of the web. If i look around, there are very few around me with whom i can interact at the level i've been doing with you. And yes, i also agree that at the end of everything there should be some take home.

Finally, So what is it that we learned today?

Nimmy said...


(:-) Does that look like a Thumbs some stretch of imagination?)

Indeed! I have bumped into some really lovely people on blogosphere over the past four years! I've been overwhelmed by the way some people think and express themselves. I think you are much more of a deep thinker than I am. I can only hope to read and understand your thoughts! :-) Cheers, buddy! Take care

PS: I have learned today that I need to know when (and under what circumstances) I ought to take a second look at life. Thanks to you!