Friday, September 19, 2008

KM in 2 Minutes...

Here's a simple and light product that includes most of the stuff that organizations might be interested in from the knowledge management and collaboration perspective. Noodle.

- Intranet pages and announcements
- Ability to create new pages and portlets
- User profiles and an associated social networking dimension (What are you working on, expertise etc)
- Blogs
- Wikis
- Calendar
- Discussion forums
- Folders and files
- Notifications

Gaps - RSS? Security? Roles? Content management based on taxonomy?

I am not so much of an expert when it comes to software evaluation and comparison. Looking at too many products that are designed with a similar purpose in mind sometimes makes me wonder whether it all, eventually, boils down to user experience (which in turn depends on so many factors), the price and politics more than anything else. The product road map is rarely clear to the makers of the product themselves. Of course, that's why marketing strategies and the style of selling make a world of difference.

Anyway, here's what I think. This one's a cool product for the smaller organizations!


Anonymous said...

We use Noodle at our company. There is a great deal of functionality including security and roles as you mentioned it was lacking but your review is spot on.

Nimmy said...

Hello There!
Good to hear from the horse's mouth! :-) Do you use other plug ins to incorporate the missing features and functionalities? What if you want to create a confidential workspace for a team working on a secret assignment? Thanks in advance....looking forward to know more about your experiences...