Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Just Like That....

While I write frequently about introspective and philosophical thoughts that cross my mind and quite happily soak in the subsequent discoveries and revelations, I must admit that I tend to go around with a crazy grin and walk with a spring in my step only on occasions when I happen to churn out a hilarious (silly for many) post or a cool poem. (Psst: This may be because an introspective or philosophical post means you have something to mull over for a long time after the post is published while other posts are done the minute you click the 'Publish Post' button. More importantly, the funny and poetic posts make me feel like I own the world! ;-))

The reason why I mention this is because I've not had an opportunity to sport that crazy grin or jump around with joy for some time now! :-| It's been ages since I got to write a hilarious post or pen a thoughtful poem. Makes me wonder whether something is wrong with my outlook these days...! I hope not. I can't wait to come across an event that will elicit a hilarious post from me. It will feel like I am alive and connected with everything good again! I can't wait to come across something that will make me churn out some satisfying poetry. It will feel like I can see beyond the ordinary and express it in the best ever way possible! Hello World, are you listening? Huh? Nimmy wants laughter and rhyme and not for no rhyme or reason. Whatever!


Pranathi Srinivasan said...

Nothing is probably wrong with your outlook! I wonder, why you are waiting "to come across something that will make you jump with joy".. isnt waiting your choice? You make that "something" happen for you, I am sure you would be able to have laughter and rhyme :-)Will look forward to your poetic post soon!

Nimmy said...

:-) Thanks a lot for the comment, Pranathi. And for the assurance that nothing's wrong with my outlook! :-D Har Har.

I know it's sometimes not about 'waiting' but making it happen....which is why - in the first place - I opined that something may be wrong with my outlook/approach! Get me?

I too am hoping I can see some humour in life...In other words, I should let events awaken my sense of humour. And now that you're gonna look forward to a poetic post, maybe it will motivate me to create one soon! ;-) Thanks...again!

Voyager said...

Am going to bombard you with all the J's & PJ's :-) Hope that will help :-) Else u can read innocentdialogue...if that helps

Nimmy said...

Hah! Deeps! Welcome back! With the Js and the PJs. :D

And of course I am in touch with InnocentDialogue....I even laughed out loud at the *Daddy Kangaroo is in Office* joke! Wanted to comment on it but ended up clicking on the wrong link after which I couldn't go back due to some interruptions! :-( Me crazy na?

Keep writing!! :)

Prashant Sree said...

Hey here,

Since you ask for it, here it comes.,. ;) I have a suggestion. If you feel that everything is dark around you, you are not able to see whats before you, and that you are in complete darkness, Switch on the Light !! The Light will appear ;D

Well,I too have felt sometimes the feeling of getting lost.,. Everything around you seem to lose its meaning.. The best way to get re-connected is to recharge ourself.,. The recharging methods varies from person to person.,. What is your Recharger ? ;) Do that,and one should feel the connection coming back. The connection never gets lost, just that the signal gets weak sometimes [Too much of Mobile jargon !! ] :P

Nimmy said...

Hey Prashant,
Thanks again for staying connected on my blog. Well, it isn't actually dark...but perhaps a bit dim! :-)

Your opinion that the 'signal is weak and not lost' gives me a lot of hope!! Mobile jargon or not. Cool!

And, yes, what could be more sensible than your question "What is your recharger?". Awesome. Excellent question. Which I need to answer! I must go read a PG Wodehouse book! Ha haa! Thanks a ton, Prashant. You ask some excellent questions! :-) God bless!