Wednesday, May 28, 2008

sHOW Me....?

Show me the light
Show me my might
And show me the truth
Show me my soul
Show me the whole
And show me who I am
Show me the way
Show me night and day
And show me where I need to go
Show me what's right
Show me how to fight
And show me my insight
Show me inspiration
Show me perspiration
And show me how to endure
Show me love, faith, humor and hope
Show me patience and how to cope
And show me everything I truly am.....

Afterthought: I think this poem is a rare one for me. I normally end up writing a poem because I am either inspired or feeling very low and then sort of forget it. The poem catches my attention only for a brief period of time - as I write it - and I rarely memorize it (consciously or subconsciously). But, ironically, I wrote this poem in a somewhat half-asleep and tired mood....and, interestingly enough, derived a lot of strength from it later!! In fact, it was like reading some one else's poem. I have been reading it again and again and 'am pleasantly surprised by the faith and strength I am deriving from it.....

One wishes that one is always connected with divine forces....the output during such occasions has the capacity to surprise the "creator" herself and thus makes her realize that she is an instrument of creativity rather than a "creator" in the literal sense. Eh?


vinod said...

Hi Nimmy,

I recently bought Budhha statue for myself....and here im seeing a very good poem(Did u write it ?) with buddha photo - is it a coincidence !! but poem was simple but very insightful of LIFE !! I loved it !!

Nimmy said...

hey vinod, :)
thanks for the comment. yes...i wrote the a moment of inspiration....and read it many a time to derive some worked...i myself am pleased with it....sometimes we all get connected with divine power and manage to do a good job....deep thought and meditation does yield results.... :)
glad you like it...
and i dont really know why i decided to put the Buddha photo here....just felt it would be great and coincide with the spirit of the poem... :)

vinod said...

U wrote it - wow !! Simply superb Nimmy. u have loads of talent and very good vocabulary. We are actually developing a word game which will improve the vocabulary of school kids and we are planning to implement this for free in Govt schools by taking funds that are generated from selling to private institutions, if you can help us in the endeavour - Pls do drop a mail. I will send u the details - rt now I have a prototype ready !!

Nimmy said...

thanks, vinod.... :) mmmm...talent, eh? just some flash in the pan variety ;) heheh
i dunno about vocab...i am not particularly proud of my vocab...can do much much better....but tell me how i can help you with your endeavour....sounds really drop me a mail with the details and we can take the conversation forward from there....nirmala dot pal at gmail dot com.... :)