Wednesday, May 14, 2008

How to ObsTackle ;)

God never promised we would stroll through life problem free, but He did promise He would always be with us and give us the ability to overcome every obstacle. Never give up on anything no matter how hopeless it may look to your natural eyes. Whether you are praying for your loved ones to come to know the Lord or you are in need of a breakthrough whether physical or financial, stay steadfast and unmoved in your faith.- Zenyasi

Umm. Thinking aloud...there are probably many approaches to this:

- Pretend that the obstacle does not exist at all and focus your energy, enthusiasm and intelligence elsewhere so the obstacle almost becomes a non-entity - This may hold good in the case of aspects completely outside of one's control. Also, sometimes ignoring the obstacle initially - paradoxically - prepares one to later take on it as it then (most probably) ceases to be perceived as something critical, scary and fearful. The 'fact' that it is, after all, simple enough for us to handle seems to surface as the clock ticks on....

- Take the obstacle head on from the word 'Go' and charge towards it with the energy of a thousand bulls and decimate it into fine powder and go on to further dissolve it into an invisible state. Requires tons of faith, determination, intelligence, confidence and courage

- Bear with the obstacle (when it is unavoidable and caused by external forces that can't be easily controlled or when you simply lack the wherewithal to deal with it immediately) by calling upon your divine spirit for strength and accept it to such an extent that it hopefully ceases to matter and you almost become immune to it. Do this with the unshakable faith that whatever is happening is 'good' and essential for one's spiritual, mental and emotional growth. For all you know, this approach of patience, acceptance and faith may later equip you with the resources required for overcoming the obstacle

Don't know if what I am saying makes sense.....really don't know. What do you think? I am open to challenging views... :)

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Anonymous said...

Hit the nail on the head for me.
Thank you