Friday, May 23, 2008

Hakuna Matata is not Nonsense!!

This week hasn't really been so good for me. :( But I don't feel like subjecting the reader to my woes of the list (and, shudder, details) of rattling/disturbing/frustrating encounters with life. (I am a nice gal - well, most of the time - and like to let others live a happy life even if I am finding it hard to be happy...ahem) And believe me, once you start writing about your feelings, it is extremely difficult to hold yourself from going on a roll and specifying the gory details of your sad experiences and rattling off - in the strongest of words - what exactly you think of certain people and so forth. So, please e-pat me for making it easier for you to read this post. And now, to a practical and inescapable point. So, how do I close this post and make it seem like one that goes beyond saying I've had a bad week? Does "So I am glad this week is over! I am looking forward to the weekend! Tra la!!" sound like a good closing sentence? Ok. I know you're thinking this is utter nonsense and it may have been a better option for me to talk about the encounters instead.'s what I shall close this post with.

"Hakuna Matata Everyone!" :)


Janya said...

Hi Nimmy

Your blog is one of the best I have seen. Your topics and you are way of presenting them are exemplary. And Yes, you do deserve e-pat for not pouring out your sad experiences because it needs lot of restraint. Now I have become a fan of your blog. I am learning something new and it's worth spent. Thank you.

Nimmy said...

Thanks a ton! :-) Sometimes such kind words make a world of difference....especially, when a person is chugging along without any clue as to what she thinks and speaks is of any significance or not. I've generally settled for blogging as an inward process as I believe expecting comments all the time isn't practical and can ultimately pour water over the blogging-fire. (Like rewarding someone for something ends up making that person focus on the reward and somewhat lose interest in the task per se). But, when I see a nice/relevant/contradictory comment, it does bring a spark to my soul and I hope I can learn from it/let it encourage me/allow it to make me think better etc. Anyways, thanks for the appreciation....not everyone is open and spontaneous with it!! :-) I hope I continue to post interesting thoughts on my blog... :-)
toodle oo