Wednesday, May 07, 2008

KM is a Good Course!! Of Course!!

Check this out. (Grin!! :-)) There was a time (3-4 years back) when I used to get quite excited whenever I came across students who took up KM as a course in college or for that matter students who were looking for KM careers and projects. (Not that I don't get excited now....but now, it's become more common and somewhat better understood as a subject) If they ever made the mistake of asking me what I thought about the scope and future of KM and some other questions about how interesting it is likely to be etc, they would never hear the last of it. Subsequently, depending on how much they lent themselves to influence and enthusiasm, they'd either go back in a trance or look me up and down and wonder whether I was joking or really serious. Aw! There I go again....let me not distract you from looking up the link...I am sure it will make you smile. :)

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