Thursday, May 15, 2008

Coping with Life's Natural Pace

I think this is a wonderfully amazing view of life's 'gradual' and, if you like, 'naturally slow' ways....and I am inspired to apply this philosophy to situations involving change. Profound and admirable approach to life, I think. Come to think of it, I am able to relate this to Eckhart Tolle's concept of "Now" - focusing on the "Present" rather than anything else. Interestingly enough, I also see a paradox in here, as in, it is not really about being patient with things and allowing them to take their time but the opposite (!!) - enjoying and experiencing the natural evolution and growth of 'life' at its predetermined pace.....the various stages of life on its way to maturity.

And, loved the last line - “A flower is not better when it blooms than when it is merely a bud; at each stage it is the same thing — a flower in the process of expressing its potential.”

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